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Restaurant Alfredo
Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 30
Tel +39 06/68.78.734 +39 06/68.78.615

Here you can experience the pleasure of tasting Alfredo’s unique fettuccine.  It also offers a wide range of main courses, such as fillet of turkey and a variety of typical Italian sweets like millefeuille.

Restaurant Archetto
Address: Via dell'archetto, 26
00187 - Rome (RM) Italy
Tel: 0039 06.6789064

The restaurant is located right in the centre, near Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso.
Here you can try over 100 types of spaghetti dishes prepared according to typical recipes from Rome and the Lazio region. The pizzas are also excellent. The average price per person is around 12 to 13 euros.

Restaurant Rugantino
Address: 6/a/b/c, v. Vigne S. Matteo, 00044 Rome (RM)
Tel: 0039 340 3744930

The restaurant Rugantino specialises in ancient, traditional dishes. They are simple, but delicious.  You will be able to enjoy the true taste of Roman cuisine.  If you want something simple, the excellent 9-euro tourist menu offers a first and main courses, including water and bread.
Rugantino also boasts a wide selection of wines.  Among the recipes, look out for the baked pasta, suckling pig, cod, home made pasta, pinzimonio (Italian style crudités), fish soup, bucatini all'amatriciana (a spicy pork and pasta dish) and tripe Roman style.
Average price: 15-20 euros per person.

Restaurant La Carbonara
Address: 23, p. Campo De' Fiori, 00186 Rome (RM)
Tel: 0039 06 6864783

The same family has run La Carbonara for over a century. The restaurant is internationally known for its pasta dishes, especially penne alla carbonara. The restaurant is located on a very lively square in the centre of Rome, Piazza del Campo De 'Fiori.  Wide selection of wines.
Average price: 30-50 euros per person.

Restaurant Cacio y Pepe
Address: Via Avezzana, 11
00195 - Rome (RM) Italy

This historical building houses the restaurant Cacio y Pepe. Its cuisine combines tradition and creativity, thus giving a personal touch and an innovative style to traditional Roman dishes. It is a very cheap restaurant, so it is advisable to book in advance. The menu changes according to the seasons and always offers the freshest products.  It boasts a superb selection of wines, including the best from every region of Italy.

Restaurant Tartarughino
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Average price: 65-70 euros per person
Area: historical centre
Tel: 0039 06 6864131
Aperitif: from 7.30pm
Dinner: from 8.00pm
Bar: from 10.00pm

This restaurant offers an elegant and refined atmosphere; it has been much frequented by celebrities from the show business, cinema and Italian politics over the last 25 years.
The dishes of the restaurant Tartarughino are refined and original. Do not miss: appetizer of caviar on buckwheat, salmon, pata negra ham with millefeuille of bread, raw sea bass, lobster salad with raspberry vinegar, rice with langoustines, spaghetti with clams and tuna, grilled fish, tuna steak etc.  Exceptional selection of red wines (Sassicaia, Brunello de Montalcino Biondi Santi, etc.)

Other restaurants
Restaurante Casa Mia. 
Address: 15, v.  Simeto, 00198 Rome (RM)
Tel: 0039 06 8840731

Toto Ristorante
Address: 10, v. Carrozze, 00187 Rome
Tel: 0039 06 6785558

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